KBC Business FAQs

Got a question? We'll provide the answer.

KBC Business FAQs

Got a question? We'll provide the answer.

KBC Business: questions frequently asked

KBC Business is the handy app for corporate banking. On this page you will read all the answers to your questions.

1. Is KBC Business free?

The installation and use of this app are free. When you use KBC Business on your mobile phone operator's paid network, additional operator fees may apply.

2. What do I need to start using KBC Business?

See this webpage to get started with KBC Business to find out our requirements for using the app.

3. Which device do I need to use the KBC Business app (system requirements)?

System requirements

Important! Mobile banking on rooted or jailbroken devices is not possible.

4. Can I use KBC Business on several devices?

No you can't. You can only register as a user on one device.

5. What do I do if I am unable to activate the KBC Business app?

Your company's KBC Business Dashboard administrator has to request codes for you so that you can activate the app on your smartphone.

6. If I have the app installed on a single device, can I share it with several users?

Yes, you can. See this page to get started with KBC Business for the activation process that each user then needs to follow. Every user can log in with the PIN and then log off (on the same device). You can also save several user profiles on the same device to allow all users to log in and use the app easily.

7. Can I terminate the KBC Business app for a certain user or remove the KBC Business app from a certain device?

Yes, you can. As an administrator, you can go into the KBC Business Dashboard and deny a certain employee access to the app and/or remove the app from a device. To do so, log in to the KBC Business Dashboard as administrator, go to ‘Administration’ and then ‘Manage users’. Select the user whose app you want to remove, click the 'trash can' icon next to KBC Business and then ‘Remove app’.

8. If I get a new device, can I still use the app?

If you had the KBC Business app installed on a previous device and you are now using a new one, you'll have to quickly run through the activation and registration procedure again (as described on our KBC Business page). 

9. My smartphone that had the KBC Business app installed has been lost or stolen. What now?

If your device has been stolen or lost, call the emergency number 0800 65 65 0 as quickly as possible to block your KBC Business contract. If you want to use KBC Business again afterwards, you will have to follow the activation and registration procedure again as described on this page about KBC Business.

10. I have downloaded KBC Business and I am now being asked to enter a user ID and a QR code, which I don't have. Where can I find these?

Your company's KBC Business Dashboard administrator will see to it that you are registered for KBC Business.
After receiving your user ID in their 'Reports' facility, they forward it to you.
You will be sent your QR activation code either to your own 'Reports' facility in the Business Dashboard or to your personal postal address. Your administrator chooses the method of delivery when registering your details in the Business Dashboard.

11. I am being asked to choose a PIN. Can I use letters and numbers for the PIN?

The login PIN for KBC Business must consist of five digits. Letters are not permitted.

12. I forgot my PIN/ my PIN has been blocked. What now?

Contact your Business Dashboard administrator, who can request new activation codes for you so that you can set a new PIN. They can request it in the ‘Administration’ menu. Go to ‘Manage users’, select the user and then ‘Solve login problems’ and ‘User forgotten PIN for KBC Business

13. How do I change my PIN?

Use your current PIN to log on to the KBC Business app and go to 'More' in the menu bar. Then tap 'Profile' and 'Change PIN'.

14. When an account is removed or added in KBC Business Dashboard, will this also happen automatically in the KBC Business app?

Yes, all accounts are the same in KBC Business Dashboard and the KBC Business app.

15. Can I make a transfer with the KBC Business app if the beneficiary has not yet been entered in the KBC Business Dashboard?

You can enter a beneficiary's details manually when entering your transfer instructions in KBC Business. Note: these details will not be saved with your other beneficiary details.

16. Can I still cancel payments with an execution date in the future that have been entered with the KBC Business app or on the KBC Business Dashboard?

Yes, you can. Open the KBC Business app and go to your planned transactions by scrolling up in the account to be debited. Tap the transaction in question to get its details and then cancel the transfer in the details screen.

17. I have a technical question about KBC Business. Who should I ask?

The Corporate Helpdesk awaits your questions

KBC Business Dashboard, Online for Business of KBC Business? Don't hesitate to contact us. Details at the bottom of this page. 

18. What are the transaction and daily limits for credit transfers?

For security reasons, the KBC Business app enforces certain limits. An overview of the standard transaction and daily limits is given below. These amounts can be changed for you at any time.

  • Transfers between your own accounts: unlimited
  • Transfers to unknown beneficiaries: 2.500 euros
  • Transfers to known beneficiaries: 10,000 euros
  • Signing payment instructions: 100,000 euros
  • Signing batched payments: 100,000 euros

Note: these limits do not apply to your KBC Business Dashboard, where the limits are set by powers of attorney.

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