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Which countries have access to KBC Reach?

KBC Reach is currently available in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

All your accounts held within KBC group (BE, NL, FR, DE, IT, UK, US, CZ, SK, HU, CN, HK, SG) or third party banks are accessible and manageable through KBC Reach.

Can I attend training courses to learn how to use KBC Reach?

Thanks to the guidance logic KBC Reach is very intuitive and easy-to-use. However on the KBC Corporates site there are step by step guides at your disposal. Furthermore the Corporates Helpdesk will assist you with technical issues and will gladly support your users on how to find their way in the application.

If there still remain questions unanswered or issues unsolved your relationship manager can rely on the help of a dedicated Corporate e- Banking Advisor.

How do I change the language of KBC Reach?

The language of Reach is based on the language of your browser. Change your browser language to the language of your choice (Dutch, French, German or English) and then log in to KBC Reach.

Do I have access to historical information?

Account information remains available for 15 months. Payments remain available for 8 months.

What types of account information can I download?

Of all the accounts assigned to a user, he can visualize the end of day and intraday account information in a customized lay-out according to his personal preference. A conversion engine makes it possible to convert the account information into a range of supported formats as well as CSV at all time.

You can also download encrypted account information in the following formats:

  • Swift MT94x
  • CAMT05x vs 2
  • CAMT05x vs 3
  • CODA

What kind of payment confirmation can I expect?

Optionally you will obtain payment status reports according to the ISO 20022 XML - pain
002.001.03 format. Whenever needed you are able to generate an official proof of payment document.

What formats of mass payments and collections files can I import?

Format Description
SCT Sepa Credit Transfer
SDD Sepa Direct Debit
DTAZV German foreign credit and euro transfer
MT101 Swift credit transfer (RFT)
XML-CT UNIFI XML based credit transfers (non-Sepa)
AFB160-LCR French domestic letter of credit
ACH US domestic and international payments
Multicash Slovak foreign credit transfer
Multicash Czech foreign credit transfer / domestic payment
Grouped Hungarian Hungarian domestic credit transfer

Does Reach support instant credit transfers?

If you have an account with us in Belgium, you can use it to receive and send individual credit transfers. This is not available for batched payments for the time being.

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