Heard about KBC Reach? It's the ideal web application for your business payment accounts and transactions, giving you clear reports and showing you everything at a glance.

Get the smartphone app and take KBC Reach with you to manage your cash flows anywhere 24/7. Check out our documents and videos to see all the great features KBC Reach offers you.

Get started with KBC Reach


Watch our instruction videos and learn how to get off to a flying start with KBC Reach.

1. Training demos

This demo guides you through KBC Reach's features and shows you how to customise your views and get reports your way.

See its main features, including: 

  • Alerts and messages
  • Customising views
  • Reports
  • Payments
  • Orders
  • Administration
  • Personalisation
  • Information

2. Direct Debits

This short demo shows you how to set up, save and authorise direct debit orders using KBC Reach.

3. Importing files

This demo teaches you how to easily import files containing payment orders from other software (like SAP) into KBC Reach.
See how to:

  • Select file types for exports
  • Choose payment categories
  • Add descriptions
  • Save addressees
  • Select files on your hard drive

4. Standing orders

Set up, display and change how you view standing orders with ease using KBC Reach. Watch our demo to see how.

5. Templates

Learn how KBC Reach templates work, including how to create:

  • Credit transfers to existing or new beneficiaries
  • Direct debits (and change them if necessary)
  • Cheques

We also show you how to save templates for future payments.

6. Reports

KBC Reach gives you an overview of your:

  • Balances
  • Account statements
  • Intraday reports
  • Transactions
  • Bank reports

This video shows you how you can find this in the app.

7. Creating bills of exchange (LCRs)

KBC Reach lets you create bill of exchange transactions (LCRs) in two ways.
You can:

  • Enter them manually
  • Create them using a file

Watch this video to see all the features and options for creating bills of exchange.

Learn more

Contact your relationship manager to find out more about KBC Reach for your business. We'll be happy to help you.

If you have any technical questions, just get in touch with our Corporate Helpdesk:

Need some help?   Do not hesitate to contact us.  

Need to fax something? +32 3 283 39 50

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