KBC Business Dashboard FAQ

The answers to all your questions about the Business Dashboard

KBC Business Dashboard FAQ

The answers to all your questions about the Business Dashboard

The KBC Business Dashboard makes business banking a good deal simpler. But how do you use it? You will find the answer in these frequently asked questions.

How do I log in to the Business Dashboard?

If you are using the KBC Business Dashboard for the first time, you need to register as a new user.

  1. Go to the KBC Corporate site.
  2. Click on Login at the top right.
  3. Select Business Dashboard on the login page.
  4. Select your language.
  5. Choose how you wish to log in: with the eBusiness Card and card reader or with KBC Sign. If you are a Mac user, you can only login with KBC Sign.
  • eBusiness Card: connect card reader to your computer and insert the card in the reader. Enter your PIN and click ‘Confirm’
  • KBC Sign: Make sure you have your smartphone with the KBC Sign app to hand. Follow the instructions on the computer screen and enter your login code. Then scan the QR code in order to log in.

After you have completed the steps in the registration process, your profile will be stored permanently. This means that when logging in in the future, you only need to click on your account.

I can’t log in to the Business Dashboard.

First check that your system meets all the requirements

For Windows users

Online banking must be 100% secure. You can therefore only use the Business Dashboard with Internet Explorer 11. Install this version on your PC or laptop. Like to know more? Read all about updating and installing Internet Explorer.

For Mac users

Mac users can no longer use the eBusiness Card to log in to the Business Dashboard. If you are currently using the eBusiness Card and card reader,  switch to KBC Sign.

Where can I find KBC-Online for Business?

After logging in, you will find all the functionalities of KBC-Online for Business in the main navigation panel of the Business Dashboard. They are divided up under the headings 'Payments', 'Cash', 'Finance', 'Insurance' and 'Administration'. 

What do I need to log in to the Business Dashboard?

Windows users

If you already have an e-Business or Isabel card and card reader or a smartphone with KBC Sign, you can start using the Business Dashboard right away. 

Mac users

If you have KBC Sign on your smartphone, you can start using the Business Dashboard right away. 

Need help?

Quick solutions

  • Add a new KBC-Online for Business user or install KBC-Online for Business on another computer?
  • Change how you log in and sign securely or install the security software
  • Activate your KBC e-Business Card (Mac/Windows) or log in for the first time to the KBC Business Dashboard with KBC-sign

All useful information on this location

Another question while starting? Follow our full guide to getting started


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