KBC Business Dashboard

Extensive online banking capability

KBC Business Dashboard

Extensive online banking capability


All your banking applications in one place.


Arrange your screen settings precisely how you want them.


A convenient, quick and clear method for handling your banking needs.

Your favourite features within reach

KBC Business Dashboard is a portal that gives you access to all your business banking applications. It enables you to navigate quickly and easily to your favourite features:

Personalised features

You can personalise the KBC Business Dashboard to make it work in the way that suits you. If you frequently use a particular feature, You can very easily add a quick link to the ‘My Favourites’ widget. You can then access it in the future with just one click.

Automatic access

If you already use KBC-Online for Business, Flexims, Isabel, W1se, Go&Deal, Reach or eDocumentBox, you will automatically be able to access the KBC Business Dashboard. How to get started: click on ‘Log in’ on your login screen and select the option ‘KBC Business Dashboard’.

If you’d like to know more about this handy portal, ask your relationship manager about it.

Make life easy with Business Dashboard

Get certificates for:

  • Confirming account holder identity
  • Work-related accidents
  • Internal health & safety reporting
  • Customer standing
  • Auditing

Apply for business debit and credit cards
Get cards for yourself, your colleagues or your employees.

Sign leasing and renting contracts online
Say goodbye to sending us paperwork and get your contracts handled faster.

Track international payments
Check the status of international transfers to see the bank handling your payment and what intermediary banks are charging you (if they make that information available).


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Long-term finance

Long-term finance

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Electronic account information

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A day in the life of…

A day in the life of…

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European direct debit

European direct debit

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