Payment cards

Tailored for each individual organisation

Payment cards

Tailored for each individual organisation


No longer any need to carry or withdraw cash.


Simplified administration thanks to clear payment statements.


Wide range of cards for you and every employee.

Debit and other cards

  • The KBC Bank Card is a convenient solution for making payments and withdrawing cash in Europe. Cash withdrawals and payments made using the card are debited immediately. You can also adjust the limit for each card yourself and decide whether or not the card can be used for online purchases.
  • Does your business have to make small purchases every once in a while? Or perhaps you’d rather not give your staff on the road cash or a credit card? In that case, the KBC Business Prepaid Card is the ideal solution. It’s a payment card that you preload with cash, then use to pay for goods and services. You keep full control of your budget.
  • Need a card to deposit rather than withdraw cash? That's the KBC Limited Card. This card is only used to print off account information and to make deposits at a KBC ATM.

Credit card

With a KBC-Mastercard Essential or KBC-Mastercard Extra, you’re opting for modern, fast, secure management of your business expenses, anywhere in the world. The total amount will only be deducted from your account after you get the billing statement. That means that you automatically get an extension of payment, without paying interest or charges.

Choice of spending limits for your business credit card

KBC Mastercard Business
KBC Mastercard Business
3 000 EUR (standard)
3 000 EUR
5 000 EUR 5 000 EUR (standard)
7 000 EUR 7 000 EUR

If these limits are not appropriate, you can choose other ones: 1 500, 3 000, 5 000, 7 000, 10 000, 15 000, 20 000 and 25 000 euros.  Any limits other than the ones given here cannot be requested digitally. Instead, you should go to your KBC branch to discuss them.

Easy: Apply for debit and credit cards through KBC Business Dashboard

  • Use Business Dashboard to request a debit or credit card for an account you’re authorised to use
  • Apply right from your Accounts widget under ‘Options’
  • Get your application approved online by the legal representative or agent you specify

It’s as simple as that. A few days after we’ve processed your application, you receive your new card by post.

Fuel card

If you use one or more vehicles in your business and need invoices and reports when they are refuelled, then the VAB Multibrand Fuel Card could be the card for you. Without having to be a member of the Belgian automobile association (VAB), you can pay for fuel in a large networkof fuel stations in Belgium and Europe.

Learn more

Like to know more about our payment cards? Contact your relationship manager.

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