e-Powers of attorney: fast, easy and secure

Manage your e-powers of attorney in the KBC Business Dashboard

e-Powers of attorney: fast, easy and secure

Manage your e-powers of attorney in the KBC Business Dashboard

Powers of attorney are an essential tool to getting your firm's payments moving smoothly. It's just that the paperwork involved in granting, changing and revoking powers of attorney is often too much. With e-powers of attorney in the KBC Business Dashboard, everything's done online: fast, convenient and secure. 

Easy to use and secure

Make sure you always have the latest info by managing your powers of attorney online. In the e-powers of attorney tool, you can:

  • Create, alter and revoke powers of attorney
  • Allot extra accounts to powers of attorney or remove them
  • Add, replace and remove holders of powers of attorney
  • Get your staff to prepare updates and then authorise them yourself

Save time and spare yourself headaches

There are no end of situations where e-Power of Attorney Management comes into its own:

  • A staff member holding power of attorney over your accounts quits his job and you forget to tell your KBC branch of his departure
  • Or an employee passes his e-business card on to one of his colleagues without authorisation

Both cases pose the risk that funds could disappear from your accounts. e-Power of Attorney Management puts control back into your hands. Your changes are registered immediately and you can see in real time which of your firm's staff hold powers of attorney over which accounts. 

Free of charge

Creating and managing e-powers of attorney costs you nothing. The service is activated contractually. Once activated, you'll find e-Power of Attorney Management under 'administration' and later under 'manage powers of attorney' in the main Business Dashboard navigation panel.

More information

If you have further questions or need more info on e-powers of attorney, contact your relationship manager, who will be pleased to set up the contract your need.

Contact your relationship manager

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