Avoiding risks

Avoiding risks

Avalised bill of exchange


What do you do if your customer can’t pay his invoice straight away? Forfaiting could be the answer.


Financial markets can be tough or friendly, but above all unpredictable. Hedging avoids those risks.

Build a relationship of trust with your trading partner

Discover the different payment techniques and products which will help you with international business.

Get paid securely

Export projects? Solid support and the right trade finance solutions provide security and peace of mind.

Van der Erve

Payment bond

Advance payment bond

An advance to boost liquidity for you and certainty for your client with an advance payment bond.

Performance bond

A performance bond gives the buyer certainty and puts the supplier in a strong trading position.

Receivables management insurance

Interested in a greater chance of timely payments? KBC offers insurance to guarantee your payments.

Letter of credit

Do you require a safe means of payment, also internationally? Then the Letter of Credit is the ideal solution.

Import forfaiting

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