Avalised bill of exchange

100% certainty of payment

Avalised bill of exchange

100% certainty of payment


Your buyer formally undertakes to pay on time, via their bank.


Protection against political and economic risks if you export abroad.


You are protected against the risk of your client becoming insolvent.

Why choose an avalised bill of exchange?

Want to increase the chance of collecting your invoice payments? In this digital age, the avalised bill of exchange appears to have lost its shine, but it still offers a great many benefits. The acceptance of the bill of exchange is a formal commitment. It means that you are 100% certain of receiving full payment on the due date of your invoice.

What is an avalised bill of exchange?

A bill of exchange is a document with which you as the creditor instruct your client to pay a set amount on a set day. If your client accepts the bill of exchange, they are promising to pay. If you would like more certainty, you can ask your buyer’s bank to provide a guarantee of the proper execution of the payment. In that case, we refer to an avalised bill of exchange.

Hoe werkt het?

As with non-recourse discounting for an accepted bill of exchange, you ask your buyer to arrange for their bank to guarantee the bill of exchange. If the risk in relation to the foreign bank is acceptable for us, we will forfait the bill of exchange. In other words, we will buy the debt claim from you.

If you have any questions about the avalised bill of exchange, contact your relationship manager. 

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