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New on the KBC Business Dashboard

New on the KBC Business Dashboard

KBC Business Dashboard FAQ (administrators)

Things administrators need to know

e-Powers of attorney: fast, easy and secure

e-Powers of attorney are fast, easy and secure. Manage them in your KBC Business Dashboard.

KBC Business Dashboard: Drawing down an investment credit

Guide: getting account statements

KBC Business Dashboard

Go&Deal Pro

Fuel cards and charge cards for lease vehicles

KBC Autolease offers a total service in respect of fuel cards and fuel management for lease vehicles. Learn more.

Working capital insights

Analyze and optimize your working capital with this app in your Business Dashboard

VAB Fuel Card

Fancy a discount every time you fill up? Learn all about the transparent and convenient VAB Fuel Card.

What is SEPA?

All transactions within the SEPA zone are conducted in the same way. Find out what this means for your firm.

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