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The KBC branch in Hong Kong is small but offers clients from this part of the world all the services they need over there.

New on the KBC Business Dashboard

New on the KBC Business Dashboard

Cash service

Withdrawing or depositing cash, arranging cash collection or delivery: it’s never been so quick and simple.

Payment cards

Debit card, credit card or fuel card? Discover our wide range of payment cards for business use.

KBC Business Dashboard FAQ (administrators)

Fuel cards and charge cards for lease vehicles

Working capital insights

Discover and activate the 'Insights working capital' app in your Business Dashboard

KBC Business

Manage your company's banking needs wherever and whenever you want, on your smartphone.

Go&Deal Pro

Go&Deal Pro, the tool for executing transactions on the international foreign exchange markets free and speedily.

KBC Payment Terminals

Want to make it easy and quick for customers to make electronic payments? Learn about our payment terminals.

Receivables management and factoring