Fuel cards and charge cards for lease vehicles

Go&Deal FAQ

With the Go&Deal digital app you can buy or sell foreign currencies in real time and at competitive prices. Read how to use the application here. Find the answers here to frequently asked questions

KBC Invoicing Services

Switch to a (fully) automated invoicing process

New on the KBC Business Dashboard

New on the KBC Business Dashboard

Smart Debtor Management

Outsource your receivables management to KBC and get your invoices paid faster.

KBC Business

KBC Payment Terminals


Secure and customised. All your documentary collections and credits in 1 place with KBC Flexims.

KBC Business Dashboard FAQ

Do you have questions regarding the Business Dashboard? Get the all answers by reading the FAQ.

Isabel 6

Do you hold bank accounts with various banks? Manage them with the help of a single software tool: Isabel 6.

KBC Business Dashboard

The all-in-one-platform for your business finances

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