KBC Tax Pre-Payment Plan

Pay more in advance and less tax

  • Avoid a tax surcharge
    If you prepay taxes on business income in the income year you avoid a statutory tax increase.
  • Improve your liquidity
    Your capital is kept available and your liquidity is improved, leaving you with funds free for other investments.
  • Tax-deductible
    Both interest and charges can be deducted from your corporation tax bill.
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Why are pre-payments a good idea?

The tax authorities send you a letter every year in spring to offer you the opportunity to make pre-payments. In order to encourage companies to pay their taxes as the tax year progresses, the legislator imposes a tax increase if insufficient pre-payments have been made.

The pre-payments can be made at the latest on four preset dates each year, for the financial year that starts on 1 January:

  • 10 April
  • 10 July
  • 10 October
  • 20 December

Because the benefits of pre-payment are greater the earlier in the year they are made, the best thing is to pay the entire amount of the pre-payment before 10 April.

Apply for your tax pre-payment plan in Business Dashboard

The benefits

  • Avoiding any tax surcharge
  • No administrative issues
  • Tax optimisation
  • Spreading the tax burden
  • The interest on this finance is fully tax-deductible

Interested in finding out more? Contact your KBC relationship manager now to set up a KBC Tax Pre-Payment Plan for your business.

This is how it works

Vraag je kasplanningskrediet aan in je KBC Business Dashboard

You determine the amount yourself. As soon as we approve your application for the KBC Tax Pre-Payment Plan you receive the digital credit contract to sign.
Once signed, KBC automatically transfers the prepayment to the tax authorities. The repayment of the credit is automatic and is spread over 12 months after the transfer to the tax authority. The interest rate is fixed during this period.

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Apply for your tax pre-payment plan in Business Dashboard