KBC Bank Guarantee

New feature in your KBC Business Dashboard

  • Submit your application quickly and easily in the KBC Business Dashboard
  • Get standard texts – with personal details added – for all bank guarantees (customised service also available)
  • Receive the bank guarantee after just one banking day
Apply for your bank guarantee

Amend or release your bank guarantee digitally!

You can easily edit your bank guarantee details, such as the term or amount, in the KBC Business Dashboard. If you want to release your bank guarantee yourself, that's possible too. Just log in on your Business Dashboard and follow the steps.

What is a bank guarantee?

A bank guarantee, or bank warranty, refers to a type of credit whereby the bank undertakes to act on your behalf and pay your counterparty a certain amount of money If a contract is not fulfilled. You can apply for a bank guarantee for a wide range of purposes.
By taking out a bank guarantee, you provide your counterparty with the necessary financial security without having to dip into your own cash resources.
You can apply for a bank guarantee for a wide range of purposes.

Everything you need to know about the KBC Bank Guarantee

When applying, make sure you have all your documentation to hand (commercial contracts, leases, invoices, letters of award, notices or any other relevant documents). Being well prepared makes it easier for us to guide you through each step of the process.
Tip: we copy your information and text verbatim into the bank guarantee to speed up the whole process. Please bear this in mind when filling in your application. You will find a copy of your bank guarantee in Doccle no later than the first business day after it has been issued. In this demo video, we show you how to apply for a bank guarantee.


KBC Commercial Banking uses a convenient and highly automated process to get your bank guarantee to your counterparty in the quickest time possible. This involves providing you with standard texts (augmented with your personal details) that are suitable for every type of bank guarantee and available at a competitive and transparent price.

  • Your application is made entirely online
  • You follow a straightforward process with user-friendly input fields
  • You receive the standard text with your personal details added for the required bank guarantee
  • You run a very low risk of making mistakes

Applying for your bank guarantees is now quicker and easier thanks to the KBC Business Dashboard.
Important: to apply for a bank guarantee in the Business Dashboard, you must have access to the ‘Finance’ module. Your Business Dashboard administrator can provide this access when requested.

Your bank guarantee is issued no later than the next banking day and sent automatically to the beneficiary. You’ll find the bank guarantee in Doccle no later than one day after it has been issued.

During the application process, you decide on the type of guarantee you require. For each type, we provide a standard text that you can check right away. You can also include your own text or a legal text in the guarantee.
For an additional charge, we also provide customised bank guarantees that are drawn up using the expertise of our ICC-certified advisers.

The cost of your bank guarantee is very clearly displayed in the application process. This ensures you know everything up front and so avoid any unwelcome surprises. The total cost comprises:

  • A one-off establishment fee of 75 euros that covers electronic dispatch, any amendments, handling a claim for payment or releasing the bank guarantee. Any fees charged by a correspondent bank are not included.
  • In addition, you pay a commitment fee during the term of the bank guarantee. This amounts to a percentage per year calculated on the guarantee amount, as confirmed in the credit contract. The minimum fee is 50 euros per quarter started.

For customised service, i.e. a guarantee tailored specifically to your needs, you pay an additional charge of 100 euros.

We will show you a list of approved parties. If the company concerned is not included on our list, contact your relationship manager.

You can edit the details of your bank guarantee in the KBC Business Dashboard:

  1. Log in
  2. Select ‘Financing’ at the top of the screen and then ‘Loans & credit’
  3. Select the loan whose bank guarantee is to be amended
  4. Go to ‘Drawn down bank guarantee(s)’ and select ‘Change’
  5. Edit your details

You can release a bank guarantee in the KBC Business Dashboard. To start the process, you need a commercial credit power of attorney. During the process you will also have to upload a release document signed by the beneficiary.

  1. Log in
  2. Select ‘Financing’ at the top of the screen and then ‘Loans & credit’
  3. Select the loan whose bank guarantee is to be released
  4. Go to ‘Drawn down bank guarantee(s)’ and select ‘Change’
  5. Follow the instructions
Apply for your bank guarantee