All your trade confirmations in one secure place


All your trade confirmations in one secure place


eDocumentBox enables you to read confirmations, delete them, and filter by topic, domain and publication date.


KBC does all it can to ensure that confirmations in eDocumentBox are secure, in the first place by providing a more secure channel than standard e-mail.

Multiple languages

eDocumentBox is available in four languages: Dutch, French, English and German.

What is eDocumentBox?

eDocumentBox is an application that securely groups together your trade confirmations in a structured way, making it easy for you to find your documents anywhere, any time.

The benefits

  • You use filters to help locate what you want to find.
  • Your information is secured by KBC.
  • You have four languages to choose from.

Secure and user-friendly

When you're dealing with confidential information, you want to be sure that it is securely stored. eDocumentBox is an inbox for receiving confirmations sent to you by the bank. KBC also does everything it can to keep the application secure so that your information is well protected in eDocumentBox.

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No more chaos

In eDocumentBox, you can easily locate information using the handy search and filter features. You can use filters to find confirmations by subject, domain and publication date, which gives you the time to read them at your own leisure.

More information

Interested in eDocumentBox? Then contact your KBC relationship manager or the KBC Helpdesk.

Contact your relationship manager


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