KBC Sign

Log in to the KBC Business Dashboard using your phone

KBC Sign

Log in to the KBC Business Dashboard using your phone

No card or card reader required

Use the KBC Sign app to easily log in to the Business Dashboard with your phone. Your login method always close at hand!

Security first and foremost

Doubly protected: to launch KBC Sign, you must unlock your phone and enter your login code in the app.

Log in and sign transactions

Log in and easily sign transactions in the KBC Business Dashboard with the app.

What is KBC Sign?

KBC Sign is a free phone app that allows you to quickly and securely log in to your KBC Business Dashboard.

Install KBC Sign on your phone

The benefits at a glance:

• Use any browser to log in with KBC Sign. e-Business Card and Isabel card users can only use Internet Explorer.
• Use our Sign app with no need to install it or software updates on your computer, just on your phone.
• Have our Sign app with you at all times on your phone.
• Stay doubly protected with the app: unlock your phone and log in to KBC Sign.
• Avoid using easily lost or stolen cards with an app on a phone that’s conversely much harder to misuse.

Get started with KBC Sign

First download and activate the KBC Sign app on your phone via the App Store or Google Play.
• Keep your KBC Debit Card and Card Reader (version 2.0) ready.
• Download the KBC Sign app to your phone.

Currently using our e-Business Card to access Business Dashboard, but seeing more benefits doing so with our Sign app? Make the switch today. Your Business Dashboard administrator can easily set it up for you.

This page shows step by step how your administrator activates KBC Sign for you

Install KBC Sign on your phone

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