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How do I finance my company car's?

You can finance a whole range of vehicles for your company, ranging from passenger cars and vans to trucks and agricultural vehicles.

When you take out finance, you qualify for tax benefits. Not only that, you spread the investment burden so you don't strain your cash flow.
You’ll get the best rate regardless of whether you arrange things online or at your branch!

Three options for financing your company vehicle

Each financing option has its own specific benefits. We've provided you with summarised information below to help you choose the right type of finance for your company vehicle.

  Renting Investment credit* Leasing
Minimum credit amount 9.000 euros
(excluding VAT)
None 9.000 euros
(excluding VAT)
Term 2 to 5 years 2 to 5 years 2 to 5 years
Residual value Standard 16% Not applicable Standard 4%
Accounting treatment On the income statement
booked as expense
On the balance sheet 
capitalisation and depreciation
On the balance sheet 
capitalisation and depreciation
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*Standard withdrawal period of six months

Simulate and compare your funding in your Business Dashboard

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You can quickly work out and compare the possibilities and easily apply for your financing in the KBC Business Dashboard.

Need a full-service solution for your vehicle fleet?

We’ll not only take care of your admin, we’ll also provide advice on transitioning to an electric fleet and ensure you benefit from the best fleet discounts and promotions. Contact your relationship manager for more information on full-service car leasing at KBC.

Need some help choosing the most economical electric vehicle for you?

KBC Autolease has drawn up a ‘Best in Class Vehicle List’ that compares a wide range of vehicles to help you choose the most economical electric vehicle.