Long-term finance

Invest in the future with a loan from KBC

  • Credit tailored to your requirements
    You decide the type of credit that best suits your business and your financial plans.
  • Saves on tax
    Both interest and charges are tax-deductible.
  • Invest in your business
    You can't afford to stand still in business. You need to
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Perhaps you need a new production hall, warehouse, truck, printing press or production quota? KBC can help with the purchase by providing long-term finance. You can even choose between two different types of credit: investment credit or roll-over credit. Which will you choose to take your business to the next level?

Investment credit

Every business needs to make periodic investments to build up, develop and sustain its commercial activities. To help you finance those investments, you can take out an investment credit.

What does this mean for you?

  • Credit over the medium (2-5 years) or long (5-20 years) term.
  • Clear initial amount.
  • Fixed repayment schedule.
  • Choose a fixed or variable rate of interest
  • Draw down the credit yourself via KBC-Online for Business (evidence of the investment needed).

Important tip: The government encourages investment, and in certain cases will provide help to fund it.

Roll-over credit

If you are looking for a worthy alternative to an investment credit, you will soon come across the roll-over credit. This gives you a credit facility which allows you to draw down a pre-agreed amount. However, you decide the amount and when you draw down from the facility. Flexibility is the watchword.

  • Fixed repayment schedule.
  • Drawdowns based on short-term interest rates.

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