Best In Class vehicle list

Make conscious ecologically and economically sound choices using the extensive KBC Autolease vehicle list.

  • Full fleet
    Choose the wheels for you from our large selection of vehicles. From small city cars to large intermediate or recreational vehicles.
  • All engine types
    KBC Autolease thinks environment first and has 6 different engine types on offer. From petrol to hybrid.
  • Tax benefits 
    Many of our models are low-emission vehicles, which means high tax breaks, low CO2 tax and a low level of disallowable expenses.
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The Best In Class vehicle list from KBC Autolease

KBC Autolease has selected the latest vehicle models on the Belgian market for you on its Best in Class vehicle list, making it easier for you to make an informed ecological and economic choice. The range of marques and models is very wide, from small city cars to large people-carriers.

In this vehicle list you will find a summary of the available vehicles plus some important information. It will come in very handy for making comparisons. Can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem: KBC Autolease offers a complete range of vehicles. So feel free to ask about other models.

Take a look at our Best in Class vehicle list (xlsx)

Extra info about the Best in Class vehicle list (pdf)

Lower CO2 emissions = less tax to pay

The vehicle list contains a large number of economical petrol and diesel models with lower CO2 emissions, hybrid (low CO2 emissions) and electric vehicles (zero CO2 emissions). That’s not surprising, because these vehicles are better for the
environment and offer more tax benefits

The government is focusing increasingly on the environmental impact of vehicles. CO2 emissions are a key element in the amount of tax payable on vehicles. So it comes as no surprise that environmental considerations have a major bearing on the decisions taken by today’s vehicle fleet managers. Needless to say, the car industry is also monitoring this trend and is offering more and more CO2-friendly alternatives.

We go a step further than this with our offers, focusing to the full on more sustainable propulsion systems.

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