Full-service car leasing

Complete mobility pack for a fixed monthly price

Full-service car leasing

Complete mobility pack for a fixed monthly price

Always mobile

From repair to risk cover: everything is included in your contract.

All costs under control

You pay a fixed monthly amount.

No residual value risk

At the end of the contract we bear the risk of selling the vehicle at the pre-assessed value.

Full-service car leasing: more than just leasing

Want to enjoy maximum fleet discounts as a vehicle importer? If you want optimum technical and administrative follow-up and reporting of your fleet, choose KBC full-service car leasing. We not only take care of your administration, but also offer the most favourable fleet discounts and promotions.

As well as the finance, the contract includes:

  • repairs, maintenance and tyres;
  • insurance and risk cover;
  • breakdown assistance with replacement vehicle;
  • fuel consumption (optional).

Manage your fleet easily with KBC MoveSmart

KBC MoveSmart, our web application that puts your users first. KBC MoveSmart is very intuitive to use. Tailor your mobility policy and budgets to fit your staff’s needs and see their means of transport at a glance. Easily simulate your quotes and order via e-signing. If you'd rather your staff run their own simulations, that's perfectly possible too. Discover KBC MoveSmart.

Financial benefits

  • Off-balance sheet transactions; the leasing contract does not affect your working capital.
  • No advance or pre-finance; KBC Autolease finances 100% of the costs of the vehicle.
  • One aggregate monthly invoice for your entire vehicle fleet.
  • No VAT on the estimated residual value of the vehicle.

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Car leasing for light commercial vehicles

Looking for a worry-free leasing formula your light commercial vehicles? Discover KBC full-service car leasing.
Car leasing for light commercial vehicles