Is your working capital still completely fit for purpose?

Optimising your working capital enables you to use the capital released for profitable purposes.

Advances in current account and straight loans

Would you like financial breathing space? KBC helps you with advances in current account and straight loans.

Documentary credit

Import forfaiting

Export finance

Spoil your international clients with a medium/long-term credit facility, and experience the benefits.

KBC receives 2020 award for ‘Best Trade Finance Provider’

KBC receives 2020 award for ‘Best Trade Finance Provider’

‘Lawyers are a normal part of business in the United States’

KBC supports your company in its international activities in the US.

'KBC's support has accelerated our international expansion'

How does a Belgian family business go about taking over a business or setting up a brand new factory?

Doing business in the Netherlands

Katoen Natie grows internationally with the support of KBC

Partner for Belgian businesses abroad

Belgian companies need to think about extending their business abroad. KBC helps them with their international strategy.

The financial challenges of IBA

Solid financial partners are essential for
those wishing to export expensive capital goods to such markets.