Export finance

Conquer the international market

  • Extra sales argument
    If your international client can get better finance terms from you than on the local market, that’s an extra reason for them to do business with you.
  • Own credit lines not burdened
    The financing costs are borne by the international buyer.
  • Smooth payments
    If the drawdown conditions have been met, you will receive payment for your goods from KBC.
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Selling across the border

If you want to continue growing, you have to think internationally. And if you want to sell your products abroad, it’s wise to consider support in the form of export finance. This provides a medium/long-term credit facility to a foreign buyer of your products, turning you into an attractive partner to do business with.

Credendo insures the export transaction and the credit in accordance with strict international rules. Both negotiating with international counterparties and a knowledge of international regulations and incorporating them into an amended credit agreement demand a specialist approach, something which you can rely on support from KBC.

The benefits for you

  • Extra sales argument: cheaper than the local financing terms
  • Exporter’s credit lines are left entirely or virtually untouched
  • Financing costs are borne by the international buyer.
  • Payment received via KBC

Don’t hesitate to contact your KBC relationship manager for more information and to start giving more tangible form to your plans to conquer the international market.

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