Discover ARDO’s sustainable long-term vision

By supporting green energy, water and mobility policies, you contribute to a better environment and can realise cost savings for your business. KBC Corporate Banking is highly committed to supporting sustainability projects initiated by Belgian companies. Take ARDO, for instance; they translated their long-term vision into several sustainable initiatives which we are eager to share with you.

ARDO is best known for their high-quality fresh-frozen vegetables, fruit and herbs. The family-owned business consciously invests in a sustainable long-term vision, and they have the full support of KBC Corporate Banking. This is clearly illustrated by the construction of a 150,000-cubic metre water reservoir. KBC Corporate Banking also supports them at the operational and strategic level, and with their day-to-day financial transactions.

Did you know that …?

Last year, KBC had 1,767 tonnes of waste recycled, brought roughly 1,000 tables and chairs to the re-use centre, and donated 3,234 computers and components to non-profit organisation Close-the-Gap.

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