Smart Debtor Management

  • Cost-effective
    You reduce your paperwork and require fewer staff for debtor monitoring. Getting paid faster means you have more working capital at your disposal and lower financing costs as a result.
  • Respect for your customers
    KBC regards your customers as its own potential customers. You always know which reminders have been sent by KBC and you can intervene whenever you want.
  • Clear reporting
    You can use your KBC Business Dashboard to get an overview at portfolio and debtor level and to see everything KBC does for your customers.
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What is Smart Debtor Management?

When you opt for Smart Debtor Management, KBC will manage your receivables efficiently on your behalf. You no longer waste time and energy on often tedious receivables management tasks, allowing you to focus more on your core business.

How Smart Debtor Management works

  • We match your sales invoices to incoming payments based on the payment dates you submit to us.

  • Invoice not paid on time?
    We will remind your debtors at the right time and through the most appropriate channel to pay your overdue invoices. This is always done in a respectful and professional manner.
    Our service  runs for 90 days after your invoices become due.
  • The ‘Smart Debtor Management’ app in your Business Dashboard gives you a clear view of your unpaid invoices at all times.
    You can see in detail everything that KBC has done to get your invoices paid.

Interested in Smart Debtor Management?

If you want to get your invoices paid faster too, be sure to go for Smart Debtor Management. For more information or to get started right away, contact your relationship manager. They’ll be happy to help.

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