Purchasing and financing real estate

Investing in real estate is something you don’t do alone

Purchasing and financing real estate

Investing in real estate is something you don’t do alone

During the purchase

If you are a real estate investor considering purchasing some real estate, KBC is the ideal partner to facilitate this investment, in all real estate sectors, from residential to retail and office and commercial premises. As a real estate bank, KBC will analyse the investment opportunity together with you.

Initial analysis

Based on your and our expertise, the rental potential, location and structural quality of the real estate will be critically reviewed and the financial capacity of the tenants and the quality of the tenancy agreements will be verified. This will lead to a shared vision on the value of the real estate as a basis for your final purchase decision and the required financing.

Financing proposal

To develop a finance proposal, we look at the financing requirements and, in consultation with you, we will choose an optimum legal and tax structure. This will result in a clear, specific financing proposal, one of the crucial elements of your final investment decision.

Continual support

After completion of the financing proposal, KBC will remain on hand as a sounding board throughout the purchase process and will take responsibility for formulating suitable loan contracts and collateral documents. On the date of purchase, we will be present at the meeting with the notary public to give assurances about the final payment.

After the purchase

You are now the owner, but this is just the start of our partnership. After the purchase, we will discuss every important change and decide together on any changes to the financing structure. Our partnership, which could last many years, is based on the principles of protecting the investment value of your real estate and thus the return that you wish to achieve as an investor, as well as the stability of our financing structure. It may be that we will look together at new investment opportunities in the various real estate sectors.

If you wish to make an investment as part of your investment policy, KBC will remain on hand as your financial partner throughout the process, up to and including the completion of the sale in the offices of the notary public.

More information

If you are thinking of purchasing some real estate, contact your KBC relationship manager for more information about the financing options and for the necessary support.

Contact your relationship manager

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