Doing business in the Netherlands

Doing business in the Netherlands – close at hand, big opportunities. KBC Netherlands offers bespoke assistance.

Doing business and growing in France

Doing business and growing in France: ‘The negative image we have of France is out of date.’

‘Lawyers are a normal part of business in the United States’

KBC supports your company in its international activities in the US.

Light as a Service (LaaS)

Light as a Service is our package for lightening the load of businesses. Think of it as something like Spotify or Netflix, but then for lighting.

Resale of cars and bicycles

Used cars offered for fair prices to private buyers as well as professional car dealers.

Thinking of doing business abroad?

When it comes to the midcaps in our country, KBC Corporate Banking aspires to be the undisputed benchmark.

A day in the life of…

The KBC branch in Hong Kong is small but offers clients from this part of the world all the services they need over there.

Doing business sustainably means choosing your priorities

Sustainability is in KBC’s DNA. We’re investing in the short term to achieve results in the long term. Discover our strategy.