3d ecology concept, grass and stairs on street
3d ecology concept, grass and stairs on street

Annual Digital Sustainability Conference

Annual Digital Sustainability Conference


On the 29th September 2021, the second edition of the KBC Securities Sustainability Conference took place. This year the conference consisted of a webinar and a panel (via MS Teams) from experts and executives guiding you through the topics of CO2 management and the energy transition.(*)

Webinar 1: "The importance of CO2 management for your company"


  • Welcome and general introduction to Webinar 1
  • 9 AM -9.50 AM: "Building a credible path to carbon neutrality"
    During this webinar, Lerten Viroux, Teamleader Carbon Strategy and Senior Project Engineer at Encon will provide you with the following insights:

    • How to develop a carbon strategy?
    • How to set up a carbon reduction plan?
    • How to determine the correct ambition level?
    • When can carbon offsetting be used as a credible strategy?
  • 10 AM – 10.45 AM: "The future of carbon pricing and the importance of managing the CO2 emissions"
    In this webinar Allison Mandra, Economist of KBC Group and Jonas Schroyens, Climate and environmental advisor of KBC, will provide you further insights on:

    • The concept of the carbon budget
    • The different climate strategies
    • The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS)
    • The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)
    • Internal Carbon Pricing
  • 10.50 AM – 11.15 AM: Testimonial by UCB
    In this testimonial, Veronique Toully, Vice-President & Global Head of Sustainability, at UCB, explains UCB’s progress towards carbon neutrality. As a company in healthcare, UCB is committed to create value for patients now and into the future and is deeply aware of the impact of climate change on human health. Therefore, they are proud to take actions on climate.
  • Key takeaways and closing of Webinar 1

Webinar 2: "The transition into a carbon neutral energy mix: Tomorrow’s investment decisions"


  • 11.30 AM – 1.00 PM: The transition into a carbon neutral energy mix: Tomorrow’s investment decisions
    The panel discussion amongst Engie, ArcelorMittal, Storm, PMV and KBC addresses the key developments and uncertainties in the electricity markets related to the shift towards renewable energy combined with new sources of storage.

    • Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs) in a post subsidy era
    • The future of Hydrogen

For more information please contact kbcsca@kbcsecurities.be