Former professional kayaker Benjamin Sarrazin founded Yuba Bikes in 2007, inspired by his passion for kayaking. The Frenchman moved to California in the USA for the development of longtail bikes, but returned to his roots in the French town of Annecy a few years ago. That’s also home to Yuba Bikes, which after almost 20 years still focuses exclusively on longtails and can therefore describe itself as a specialist in the field. As the next strategic step, the company is now looking to roll out its concept across the Benelux, especially with its bestselling model Spicy Curry.

Mobility solutions 

Yuba Bikes is not new to the Benelux, already having some 50 distribution points in Belgium. However, most of them are in the French-speaking southern region of Wallonia. The time is now ripe for further expansion. More than just cargo bikes, Yuba offers real mobility solutions that enable users to reshape their daily lives with more cycling pleasure. To do this, Yuba facilitates eco-friendly and practical transport solutions for urban commuting. The partnership with Yuba Bikes enables KBC Autolease customers to benefit from the company’s longtails. As regards pricing, all the bikes retail for between 999 and 5 199 euros, which is pretty reasonable. 


Yuba Bikes' longtails weigh around 30 kg, and you can carry loads of up to 250 kg, meaning they can carry two adults on the back. Yuba Bikes also has two non-motor-assisted models in its range, but mainly targets the Compact Cargo and Fullsize Cargo segments, both with electrically assisted models. Yuba Bikes' bestseller is in the latter category, namely the Spicy Curry and Spicy Curry+. Both these bikes are powered by a Bosch motor. The Mundo EP8 is the other model within the Full-size Cargo range; it uses a steel frame, unlike the Spicy Curry and Spicy Curry+, which have an aluminium frame. 

The Fastrack (aluminium frame) and Kombi E5 and Kombi E6 (both steel frame with easy step-in) are the models that make up the Compact Cargo range. They are equipped with a Shimano Steps motor. These compact longtails can still accommodate two children on the back and carry a total weight of 200 kg.


Every imaginable accessory seems to be available to personalise your longtail to make it the bike of your dreams, whatever your plans may be. You can even get set-ups to carry a surfboard or skis - a nice nod to Yuba Bikes' background in the French Alps. For the new Spicy Curry bike, for example, you can choose from more than 20 accessories to combine passengers and cargo. From school rides to weekend adventures, the Spicy Curry can handle it all. 

Most in demand in Belgium is the 'Family Package', which provides a fully equipped bike tailored to your needs. The handlebar-mounted carrier basket is also a popular option. It’s good to know is that all accessories can be fitted to all longtail models. Get an idea of the complete range here.


Of course, the promising presentation at KBC in Leuven by the people from Yuba Bikes is one thing, but people also need to like the bikes. Longtails still too often have the reputation of being cumbersome and heavy. When you ride one of these bikes with one hand, it feels really light. So you certainly don't have to struggle to handle it, as is often the case with Speed Pedelecs, for example. Setting off requires no effort and acceleration is a piece of cake thanks to the powerful motor supplied by Shimano Steps or Bosch – Yuba Bikes works exclusively with these two giants. You don't have to ride for a 100 metres first to get up to speed; it happens immediately and automatically. 

While test-riding the bikes, at no point did we feel that we were riding a 'special' bike. You’re not conscious of the rear end of the bike at all, whether it’s a compact or a full-size longtail. That sounds a bit like promo hype, but it’s true. Cornering is also very smooth, you can even lean over quite far without losing control of the bike. Sitting on the back proved to be quite comfortable and, to the extent possible, quite enjoyable for the ‘driver’ at the front. Longtails can be fitted with a front basket, and unlike on old traditional bikes, it is separate from the handlebars on Yuba Bikes. The basket is therefore fixed, making steering a lot smoother.

Find out more about Yuba Bikes on their website or visit your contact at KBC Autolease to learn about all the options.