Ready to hit the road: 10 summer tips

Are you and your car ready for a holiday?

  1. Get your car checked well in advance: It’s a good idea to schedule a summer check with your dealer before embarking on a long-distance trip. 
  2. Take care of your tyres: ask a tyre specialist to check your tyres, including your spare tyre, before you leave.
  3. Fill up your fluids: when you’ve begun your journey, make sure you check them regularly.
  4. Check your lights at your garage: ask your dealer or the mechanic to check the functioning and settings of your lights before you go.
  5. Clean your windshield and windows: clean your windshield and windows with a suitable product – and don’t forget the insides either.
  6. Adjust the temperature: have your air conditioning checked in advance.
  7. Load your car wisely: put the heaviest items at the bottom. Make sure that you can still see out the back of the vehicle. And check in the maintenance book to see how much weight your vehicle can carry.
  8. Plan out your route in advance: don’t just rely on your GPS. First look on a map to see where you’ll need to drive.
  9. No worries when you leave: if you’re planning a trip that takes you out of the EU, you’ll need to get prior permission.  
  10. Allow yourself regular breaks: take a break every now and then when you’re on the road: stretch your legs and have something to drink or eat.
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Now you and your car are ready for a holiday, it’s time to hit the road! We wish you an enjoyable holiday.

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