What's New in KBC MoveSmart

Acquiring the bike at the end of your lease

Two months before the end of the lease, your cyclist will be asked to either purchase the bike or return it, at which point the purchase option will be made available to them in KBC MoveSmart. The cyclist can simply click to indicate whether or not they wish to exercise their right to purchase the bike. If they do, the purchase option is then signed digitally in KBC MoveSmart. If the purchase option is not exercised, KBC Autolease will contact your cyclist to discuss returning the bike.

See for yourself how much it would cost to end your bike lease early

Situations may arise during the term of your lease which mean it is no longer possible to continue your contract. You can now use KBC MoveSmart to work out how much it would cost to return or acquire the bike on your chosen date.

You are in charge of returning or acquiring the lease bike early

If you would like to end the bike lease early, all you have to do is register whether you want to acquire or return the bike in KBC MoveSmart.

Want to acquire the bike?
You can specify whether the cyclist or the company will acquire the bike.
Whoever is getting the bike then approves the acquisition proposal in KBC MoveSmart and signs digitally.

Want to return the bike?
As a fleet manager, you can approve and sign the proposal to terminate the lease in KBC MoveSmart. KBC Autolease will then contact you or your cyclist to arrange how the bike will be returned.

Check quotes and orders

As a Mobility Manager, you want to be sure that you’re always working with the right quotes and orders, so we’ve built an extra check into KBC MoveSmart. KBC Autolease staff now compare every approved quote in KBC MoveSmart with the dealer quote uploaded by the Mobility User.

If the two quotes match, the Mobility Manager can approve the quote and place the order. If something’s not right, a KBC Autolease staff member will suggest a correction. The Mobility Manager and Mobility User can both monitor the status of the quote using the status overview.

Integration of the KPMG/Partena cafeteria plan tool

More and more employers are offering a lease vehicle and/or lease bike in exchange for part of an employee’s salary. In order to quickly, correctly and easily calculate the salary exchange required, KBC Autolease and KPMG/Partena have created a unique partnership.

Thanks to the integration of the cafeteria plan tool from KPMG/Partena, all the details can be immediately processed correctly and automatically, allowing the Mobility User to immediately see the impact on their salary.

This integration is already available for lease bikes and will be available for lease vehicles as from the second quarter of 2022.

Simulate your bike quote with and without VAT

If you’re simulating the cost of your bike in KBC MoveSmart, you can now choose whether to include VAT when entering the lease price and list price. You can also view the end result with or without VAT as preferred.

Self-registration for Mobility Users

Mobility Users can now start the onboarding process themselves in KBC MoveSmart by following a link they receive from their Mobility Manager.

The Mobility Manager can use KBC MoveSmart to see which drivers want to start onboarding and can approve or reject requests. This means that the Mobility Manager no longer needs to create drivers or upload them using an Excel document. 

KBC MoveSmart is the convenient web application that allows customers to easily manage their various transport options (vehicle/bike/public transport). Whether it’s simulating quotes or ordering with a digital signature, everything can be arranged according to your company's mobility policy and budgets. Users also have the unique possibility of using the award-winning KBC Mobile app to track their order, make an appointment with a dealer, and even call for help in case of breakdown.