Request a ‘short-term lease vehicle or courtesy car’

Request a ‘short-term lease vehicle or courtesy car’

This form is intended solely for KBC Autolease customers with lease cars on the road.

Does your company need a short-term lease vehicle or a courtesy car?

Reserve one by completing and sending us this digital form.

What’s the difference between a short-term lease vehicle and a courtesy car?

  • Need a car for a short period of time (a week, a month, …)?
    Go for a short-term lease vehicle. Check out our rates.
  • Ordered a lease vehicle with KBC Autolease and would like a car while you're waiting for your new one to be delivered.
    Go for a courtesy car. Check out our rates.

Important: If you'd like to get a car as early as tomorrow, send us your reservation by no later than noon today.

1Invoicing details
any vehicles supplied by an external partner may not be driven by persons holding a provisional licence.
3Choose your vehicle

Vehicles are supplied according to availability in the requested class. The cars listed below are for illustrative purposes only.

If a manual car is selected (the other categories)
If an automatic is selected (categories B4, C4, D4 and E4)
This information is important in order for you to be offered the correct rate.
(you will find the number on the order confirmation for the long-term lease vehicle)
4Lease period

I am leasing the vehicle from

5Delivery site

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