Corporate acquisition finance

Leveraged finance

  • Personalised credit
    Subject to the usual portion of the purchase price that you yourself fund
  • A specialist partner for your project
    KBC provides a team of flexible experts
  • Efficient, clearly explained support
    We give your project the support it deserves, from A to Z
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Have you a business in your sights that you want to acquire? A project of that order needs extensive knowledge of the market and bespoke finance arrangements.
KBC is your partner with a track record in acquisition finance!

Acquisition finance or leveraged finance

Part of the take-over price for a corporate acquisition can be financed by KBC with a bank credit.

Complex matters require expert support

Leveraged finance or acquisition finance has to be preceded by robust analysis of the target company's future cash flows.
Additionally, the particular structural and contractual features involved in such credit arrangements demand a highly specialised approach.
At KBC you can rely on having a team of experienced staff for at your disposal for advice and the solutions that meet the needs of your project

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