Project finance

Together we’ll make your project work
  • Expert at your service
    Our relationship manager can help you achieve your most complex projects.
  • No missed opportunities
    You participate in suitable projects without having to dig too deep into your own coffers.
  • Profitable
    The leverage effect of the credit increases the return on your project.
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Who is it for?

If you have set up a business for a major infrastructure or energy project, we can help you. Together with you and a team of experts, your relationship manager will go through your project thoroughly. You can expect help with:

  • Setting up an optimum financial structure
  • Evaluating the viability of your project
  • Assessing and limiting the risks

You can then embark on the project without any worries, without having to address too much of your own capital. Together we’ll make your project a success.

How it works

Your project is financed with bank credits. You make the repayments from the cash flow realised by your company once the project is up and running. The advantage for you: the leverage effect of the finance increases the return on the capital you invest.

If you’d like to know more about project finance, contact your relationship manager.

Contact your relationship manager