Olympus Mobility

Integrated mobility in pocket size

Olympus Mobility

Integrated mobility in pocket size

Straightforward administration

Your administration becomes easier as you will receive less invoices.


Olympus collaborates with VAB, Taxistop and Cambio. Public transport companies are also included in Olympus thanks to their participation in Cambio.

Time saving

A good company thinks of its employees. It is therefore in your interest that everyone arrives at work smoothly and without stress.

Transport collaboration platform

Belgian companies are looking for ways to improve the mobility of their employees. This is why KBC Autolease has decided to switch from being  a lease car provider to being a mobility provider. After all, some of the travel currently taking place by lease car can be realised quicker and cheaper by train, tram, bus or bike. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for lease car drivers to make use of other means of transport. This is because they need to pay for it themselves or because it involves a heavy administrative burden. KBC Autolease is offering clients ‘Olympus’ as part of our multi-mobility strategy. 

Olympus is a mobility platform that facilitates the use of mobility solutions for employees and the company mobility manager. The platform focuses on the Olympus Mobib card and a mobile app.

KBC Autolease believes that a relationship between lease companies and public transport companies offers opportunities for both parties. Olympus is the only platform that has in-depth knowhow of public and shared transport and a link with the systems of the main public transport companies. The digital interactivity inherent to the Olympus solution offers new business opportunities. This integrated mobility perfectly suits the philosophy of KBC Mobility, in which we focus on social trends and technological developments that currently play an important role in detailing solutions for mobility issues.

For the fleet manager

  • The use by all your drivers is invoiced in one clear overview
  • No more individual receipts and administration 

For the user

  • One application for various means of public transport (train, tram, bus), parking facilities (NMBS parking) and sharing systems (Velo, BlueBike, Cambio, etc.)
  • Order tickets through the app
  • App as authentication for public transport
  • Clear insight in mobility budget 

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