Return or buy your bike

Give your bike a new lease of life

Return or buy your bike

Give your bike a new lease of life

If your lease is coming to an end, you may be starting to wonder what to do with your bike.
How and when do I return it? What are KBC Autolease’s guidelines on damage? Can I buy my bike? Look in our FAQs for answers to your questions.

Returning your leased bike? All your questions answered.

When do I return my bike?

You can only return your bicycle on the end date of your bicycle leasing contract.

What do I need to return along with my bike?

You must return the bike to KBC Autolease in a well-cared-for condition, together with:

  • All the bike’s original options (including battery and charger for electric bikes)
  • Number plate (high-speed bikes)
  • Registration certificate (high-speed bikes)
  • The bike's keys
  • Unlock code (Stromer or other specific types of bike)

What can I keep?

You can keep accessories like bicycle helmets, baskets and fluorescent vests. If you’re wondering whether you need to return an accessory, just contact us at

How do I return my bike?

Fill in our return form to tell us how you’ll return your bike, then e-mail it to us at

What happens if my bike is damaged?

VAB Fleet Services will inspect the bike using our bike return checklist. We’ll then determine any end-of-contract damage charges that may apply.

Taking over your leased bike? All your questions answered.

Can I buy my bike at the end of my lease?

Yes. Your contract includes the option of purchasing your bike for a great price at the end of your lease. We’ll remind you of this two months before your contract ends, so you have time to decide whether you want to buy your bike.

If you’d like more details of our purchase terms and conditions, just contact us at

What am I entitled to when I buy my bike?

When you buy your bike, it comes with a one-year warranty, plus you get to keep any options and accessories that were included in your lease contract.

Can I keep a high-speed bike’s registration plate when I buy the bike?

No. The bike is registered in KBC Autolease’s name, so if you buy it you’ll need to return the registration plate to:

KBC Autolease – stopzettingen
Prof. R. Vanoverstraetenplein 5

How do I re-register my high-speed bike?

  • KBC Autolease will give you the certificate of conformity and a manually completed registration plate application
  • Your insurance agent will send the fully completed registration plate application to the Vehicle Registration Service (DIV), along with a copy of the certificate of conformity
  • Your insurance agent will also advise you on cover for your high-speed bike under your family insurance

Can a family member buy my bike?

No. You (the contractual rider) can buy the bike, but others (like your partner, family members or friends) can’t. They can only buy the bike at the retail price from KBC Autolease Remarketing. Contact us at for more help with this.

How do you return your bike?

You have two options. Fill in the hand-in document and send us your choice via

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If you still have unanswered questions, just contact KBC Autolease for more details or an appointment.

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