Fuel cards for lease vehicles

KBC Autolease

Fuel cards for lease vehicles

KBC Autolease

KBC Autolease offers a complete fuel card and fuel management service. Our employees take responsibility for all aspects of your fuel and fuel card management, from application by way of reporting to replacement and end of contract.

The fuel is included in the lease contract and billed in the monthly invoice. The difference between what you have paid and what you have consumed is settled every three months.

You can choose from 3 fuel cards:

  1. VAB Multibrand card: Over 1,600 filling stations in Belgium
    You can use a VAB Multibrand card at all Q8, Esso, Texaco, Lukoil, Avia, Power, Maes, Gabriëls and Octa+ stations in Belgium.

  2. NFC: refuel all over Belgium
    A Network Fleet Card (NFC) lets you fill up at 1 510 Shell, Esso, Q8, Dats 24 and Lukoil filling stations in Belgium, 37 of which are on motorways.

  3. NFC International: fill up throughout Europe
    A Network Fleet Card International lets you refuel at any Shell, Esso, Q8, Dats 24 or Lukoil filling station in Belgium or any Shell or Esso filling station in Europe (with the exception of Swiss Esso outlets). It can also be used to pay toll charges (except for the Liefkenshoek toll tunnel in Antwerp and toll roads in Italy).

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