KBC Invoicing Services

Smart management of all your invoices

  • Conviently manage all types of invoices in one place
  • Manage your invoices securely and quickly in e-invoice format.
  • Keep track of the status of your invoices and working capital

Proper invoice management is rarely a simple matter.

Many different kinds of invoice formats and platforms exist, manual processing is often required, and monitoring the status of invoices takes time and energy. As a result, many companies find invoice management to be time-consuming, complex and cumbersome.

Thanks to KBC Invoicing Services in your Business Dashboard, you can manage all your incoming and outgoing invoices in one place. Our platform saves you the time spent converting formats and processing invoices manually. It also helps you significantly reduce errors and allows you to quickly make corrections and communicate with other parties.

All invoice types in one place

KBC Invoicing Services is an all-in-one solution which is easily linked to your existing invoicing software. We deliver your outgoing invoices in the right format to the right place, whether that’s in Belgium, abroad or to private individuals. The tool also allows you to scan and analyse paper invoices with OCR, as well as receive invoices by e-mail (PDF). We automatically convert everything into one uniform format, simplify the payment process and provide everything required for your accounting software and VAT reporting.

Outgoing invoices are managed quickly and efficiently

You benefit from a streamlined invoicing process thanks to our measured approach in which we first check which of your customers and suppliers can receive and send e-invoices.

Is your customer able to receive e-invoices?

If so, we recommend sending them as many invoices as possible in this format. You can do this using our connection to the Peppol network. Our platform shows you which of your customers are active on the Peppol network, and you can decide if and when you send them invoices in that particular format. Plus, processing 200 incoming and 200 outgoing e-invoices is completely free!

Is your customer unable to receive e-invoices?

In that case, you can choose how to send your invoices. We will then prepare them in your preferred format and dispatch them automatically by e-mail (PDF) or post.

Secure processing of incoming invoices

We make sure that you receive your incoming invoices in a smart and uniform fashion. This allows you to greatly streamline your approval process and tailor it to your business.
You can also easily create a payment file and immediately forward it for payment.
We exchange data with your accounting software in real time.

Once the software was installed, everything was taken care of. We’ve been using KBC Invoicing Services for about six months now, and adding a new customer on Peppol can be done with the push of a button. It’s very simple and very user-friendly.

Ivo Verhees, CFO Mapeco

Get a better view of your working capital

Streamlined monitoring of your invoicing ensures a clear view of your working capital thanks to cutting-edge tools from KBC.

  • Our ‘Working capital insights’ app gives you a detailed look at changes in your working capital. We also provide you with accurate forecasts of this capital if you share your incoming and outgoing invoices with us.
  • Our ‘Factoring’ service takes care of your company's outstanding invoices for you. If desired, you can easily request advances on outstanding invoices.
  • Smart Debtor Management outsources your receivables management to us and we see to it that your outgoing invoices are paid more quickly.

Keen to find out more?

KBC Commercial Banking is your reliable partner for your invoicing, just as it is for your payments. If you like what’s being offered, contact your KBC relationship manager.

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