Sending, receiving and storing your invoices electronically

Safe, secure, easy and efficient with

Sending, receiving and storing your invoices electronically

Safe, secure, easy and efficient with

e-Invoicing takes complex electronic invoicing processes off your hands.

Maximum efficiency

Time-efficient and cost-effective solution, giving you more time to focus on your business operations.

Highly secure platform

Security first. is a fully electronic invoicing solution that makes sending, receiving and archiving your invoices safe, secure, easy and efficient. e-invoicing for your business is the leading digital solution offering comprehensive support for increasingly complex domestic and international invoicing processes. From sending and receiving to archiving sales and purchase invoices – manages the process from A to Z, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. A time-efficient and cost-effective solution that guarantees maximum security.

Your digital transformation partner

Receiving invoices

Processing invoices received by post, e-mail or in PDF format often involves extensive manual work. provides a wide variety of services aimed at simplifying and automating these processes, and ensuring automatic extraction of the invoice data.

Invoices are scanned, verified and validated before being sent to your accounting package in an electronic format. A centralised system for your supplier invoices that saves you time and money – what could be more efficient?

Sending invoices

With an increasing number of customers and suppliers requiring businesses to switch to e-invoicing, has the perfect future-proof solution for you. Submit your invoices in a single format and send them to all the relevant channels. Save time and reduce costs by invoicing your customers using

Every invoice sent through is automatically signed with a certified digital signature, enabling immediate detection of any changes to invoice data and reducing the risk of invoice fraud. As the platform complies with stringent security requirements, it is also suitable for sending electronic invoices via PEPPOL – security first!

Digital archive

All invoices processed using are kept for 10 years. This legally required term can be a challenge for many companies. Thanks to, gone are the days of incomplete digital archives and tedious paperwork.

The platform offers you a fully digital and centralised archive where you can view your invoices in one convenient location. In addition, archived invoices are secured with a certified signature. All of your invoices centralised in – time-efficient and cost-effective.


As a certified PEPPOL access point provider, is your digital highway for sending e-invoices to government platforms and a growing number of businesses.

The platform provides a fully automated process for sending invoices to government platforms via Mercurius and to business groups via PEPPOL – without any manual handling. PEPPOL – an acronym for Pan-European Public Procurement Online – is a system designed for the exchange of electronic business documents and enables organisations to exchange invoices in a fast, secure and efficient manner. All invoices sent through are automatically sent by secure e-mail or via PEPPOL.

A run-down of the benefits

  • Cost-effective

    The platform supports the digitisation of paper processes, allowing you to reduce costs. Sending invoices by secure e-mail costs 50% less than sending paper invoices, and the cost of sending electronic PEPPOL invoices even cuts costs by 75%.

  • Compliant ensures compliance with new and existing industry standards as well as the relevant data protection and security regulations.

  • One-stop shop

    All of your invoices are stored on a secure platform in the cloud, allowing you to conveniently access your documents whenever and wherever you need them.

  • Future-proof

    With you are ready for the future. The platform is designed for processing invoices as well as other documents for which a secure environment is required.

  • Reliable connectivity

    With an extensive range of accounting software packages and ERP systems, ensures smooth and stable connectivity.

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