KBC launches we.trade in Belgium

Secure international trading powered by blockchain

KBC launches we.trade in Belgium

Secure international trading powered by blockchain

What is we.trade?

The we.trade online platform uses blockchain technology to seamlessly connect buyers, sellers, banks and shippers involved in a trade – from any connected device.

It ensures guaranteed payment when your products are in transit for a long time and your trading partners are located far away and not known to you. It’s like a documentary credit or a letter of credit, but faster, easier to use and online.

KBC has launched we.trade in Belgium together with eight major international banking partners: Rabobank, Deutsche Bank, Société Générale, Banco Santander, HSBC, Natixis and UniCredit.

How does we.trade work and what are the benefits?

The platform registers the entire trade process from order to payment, showing you everything online in an at-a-glance flow chart. The underlying smart contract guarantees you receive payment once all contractual arrangements have been met.

Being fully automated, we.trade is much faster than the traditional exchange of documents. It requires less paperwork, plus everything is highly transparent and immune to fraud.

That makes we.trade ideal for trading with partners abroad with which you have yet to build up a relationship of trust.

It limits business risk, which had not been particularly well addressed in the past for smaller companies. Many Belgian SMEs depend on import and export to grow their businesses. Now we.trade lets them do just that quickly and securely online.

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KBC Trade Club

KBC Trade Club is a free online platform and community for cross-border trade. If you’re on the lookout for trade relations in other countries, KBC Trade Club is here to help you contact companies that might just be your ideal trading partners. It also gives you access to an online library of useful information on international trade.

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