Why do business more sustainably?

Why do business more sustainably?

Seven key benefits for companies striving towards sustainability

1. Engine for innovation
Companies that choose fmore sustainability invest heavily in innovation, which ultimately ensures their future.

2. New revenue streams
The sustainable transition is creating new sectors and business models. The combination of digitalisation and more sustainable business practices also creates growth opportunities.

3. Cost savings
Investing in sustainability reduces energy bills. Based on their lower CO2 emissions, more sustainable companies are also likely to pay lower taxes in the future.

4. Cheaper financing
The financial regulator wants financial institutions to ‘green’ their loan portfolios. This could end up making loans more expensive for companies that are less sustainable.

5. Sustainable suppliers in demand
Large companies look at all the links in their value chain. They expect their suppliers to likewise engage in more sustainable business processes.

6. Proud workforce
Employees are increasingly choosing to work for companies that have a good reputation and a positive impact on society. More sustainable companies are at a decided advantage in the war-for-talent!

7. Future-proof
Consciously engaging in more sustainable business practices creates an impact at various levels in the company and safeguards its future going forward. Sustainability renders your business future-proof.

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