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We help make your energy management more sustainable

Business owners like you are faced with rising energy costs, stricter energy standards and often complex regulations, but you may not have the time and expertise you need to develop an intelligent strategy for your business' energy transition.
ecoWise is the specialist partner you need to get started.

Who are ecoWise?

ecoWise is a subsidiary of KBC made up of enthusiastic energy consultants who guide and support SMEs as they transition towards more sustainable practices.
The focus is on energy efficiency and renewable energy. ecoWise experts provide advice that’s tailored to your business, looking at where you want to go and helping you take the first steps towards implementation.

How we get started

Your relationship manager will be happy to answer your questions about your energy transition and doing business more sustainably, and they start your collaboration with ecoWise.

1. Starting the process: your relationship manager books an appointment with ecoWise to come visit your business

During the visit, ecoWise's energy consultant will ask questions about your business activities, the main ways you consume energy, and your business goals for the short and medium term. They’ll use this information to map out your energy situation.

2. ecoWise prepares an advisory report

This is a report written in plain language that contains a thorough analysis of your current energy management.
The report also includes advice on:

  • Where you can reduce your energy consumption
  • Smart approaches to dealing with energy
  • Any opportunities for having your own renewable energy supply

3. The energy report is handed over and discussed

For each topic, the energy consultant will explain the technical and legislative rules, and lay out which grants you can benefit from. The payback period for the largest investment items will also be calculated.
The energy consultant will examine and discuss all kinds of possible solutions: heat pumps, heat recovery, lighting, solar panels, batteries, wind turbines, and many other options.

4. If you’re happy to start the practical implementation of your project, we’ll draw up a custom quote.

You can rely on the know-how of the experts at ecoWise to get the right quotes to suit your needs.

  • For each topic you’ve chosen from the advisory report, you’ll receive two quotes from quality partners.
  • These quotes are compared with each other (no choice is made).
  • Where necessary, the payback period, grants, financing, etc. are calculated again.
  • A clear implementation plan will be proposed, allowing you to see the best order in which you should make the investments.

Do you also want support for your energy transition?

Your relationship manager will be happy to give you more info and get your collaboration with ecoWise started.

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