Hong Kong

Hong Kong

KBC Bank NV (Incorporated in Belgium with limited liability) Hong Kong Branch provides commercial banking services to companies in Hong Kong. As part of the KBC Group headquartered in Brussels, we have the backing, expertise and resources to deliver value-added solutions to our clients by leveraging KBC’s market-leading networks across Belgium and Central Europe.

The commercial banking unit based in Hong Kong specialises in managing KBC Group relationships in and outside Belgium and Central& Eastern Europe (CEE). Similarly, the branch offers an invaluable, and specialised, platform for those companies in Hong Kong that conduct business with, and in, Belgium and CEE.

This is a KBC Commercial Banking branch and only provides services to companies. Are you a private person? Then surf to this page.

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39th floor, Central Plaza
18 Harbour Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong
  • KBC Hong Kong
    Corporate centre
    39th floor, Central Plaza
    18 Harbour Road,
    Wanchai, Hong Kong
    T. (852)2879–3388
    F. (852)2879–3300


Hong Kong Personal Data Protection Ordinance

For questions relating to KBC Hong Kong’s policy on the access, collection, use and disclosure of your personal data, please contact Data Protection Officer at hkco@kbc.be

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In the email, please state your first and last name, your address and contact number. Please also state if you are a customer and for which Commercial Client. The Complaints Officer will acknowledge the receipt of the complaint within 5 business days from the day the complaint is received.