KBC USA provides corporate banking services to companies in USA. As part of the KBC Group headquartered in Brussels, we have the backing, expertise and resources to deliver value-added solutions to our clients by leveraging KBC’s market-leading networks across Belgium and Central Europe.

The corporate banking unit based in the US specialises in managing KBC group relationships in and outside Belgium and Central& Eastern Europe (CEE). It also offers an invaluable and specialised platform for those companies in the US that conduct business with, and in, Belgium and CEE.

This is a KBC Corporate Banking branch and only provides services to companies. Are you a private person? Then surf to this page.

Unique product offer

Cash Management

At KBC USA, your success is our business. We provide you with solutions for your corporate USD payment needs. With KBC USA being one of the few international banks that is a member of Chips and FedWire, you gain direct access to the USD clearing system.

Day-to-day banking

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Lockbox: You ask your customers to send their cheques directly to KBC USA. We will convert the cheques into digital documents.

Remote deposit: the convenience of depositing cheques from your office


Automated Clearing House: KBC USA’s Online ACH module offers a cost-effective and secure way to execute your low-dollar repetitive payments to consumers or corporate trading partners. 

Domestic, International and Cross Border wire transfers: KBC USA is a direct member of CHIPS and the FedWire payment application in the United States.

Cash pooling

Zero Balance Account: an account that maintains a zero balance at the end of the business day. This account is funded by a master account. With electronic account statements via MT940 to your European Treasury at the end of the business day. Link for your USD position with your European Cash Pool.

Overnight Sweep: Surplus funds in your account at the end of the business day can turn into investment income  


  • Account information: You can view the information you need each day to determine your cash position on your accounts from anywhere you have Internet service. Information can be delivered on a prior day basis (via MT940) or current day basis (via MT941/MT942) allowing for integration into your ERP system.
  • Foreign Currency Payments: using a foreign exchange specialist when making international payments (other than in USD), ensures that you have the benefit of KBC’s expertise in seeking the best possible rate, regardless of whether you are sending or receiving foreign currency. Whether you need to make a one-off payment, or require regular transfers to a bank overseas, we can be your partner of choice to meet your needs..


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    Corporate centre
    1177 Avenue of the Americas
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    NY 10036
    T. +1 212-541-0600
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