KBC New York assists European companies with their US banking needs, and supports North American businesses pursuing opportunities in Belgium and across Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Specialised in international cash management
    Transparent and flat-fee pricing model. Cross-border zero-balancing cash pools for the US and the EU.
  • Fast and efficient KYC procedures
    We are already acquainted with your company and use information that is readily available within the KBC group.
  • Specific financing products
    KBC Commercial Finance is also active in the US.
  • Funding for acquisitions in the US
    No financial assistance rules. Benefit from the tax consolidation regime.

KBC has the international network, resources and expertise to deliver value-added solutions to its customers.

Comprehensive product offering

Financing Solutions
  • Revolving credit facility            
  • Term loan facility
  • Overdraft facility
  • Leasing                     
  • Commercial finance    

Trade Finance

  • Standby letters of credit
  • Supply chain and receivables financing

Liquidity Management

  • Time deposits
  • Overnight investment sweep
  • Zero balance account

Cash Management (KBC Reach)

  • Lockbox and remote cheque deposit
  • Automated clearing house
  • Domestic, cross-border and cross-currency transactions

This is a KBC Commercial Banking branch provides services to companies.
Are you a private person? Please follow this link to our retail page.  

Contact and location

Ideally located in Manhattan, you can reach our dedicated customer service team directly by phone +1 212-541-0787 or e-mail  

1177 Avenue of the Americas
New York
NY 10036
    Corporate centre
    1177 Avenue of the Americas
    New York
    NY 10036
    T. +1 212-541-0600