Apply for your auditor's certificate online already

Did you know that you can apply for and receive your auditor's certificate online in your KBC Business Dashboard?

The benefits:
• You receive the certificate digitally and your auditor receives their copy at the same time
• You choose the language in which you want to receive the certificate
• A digital certificate costs only 125 euros instead of 250 euros
• You save time: no need for your branch to intervene* and no postal delays
• By applying for the certificate before the end of the financial year, you won't have to think about it during the busy period.

Step-by-step instructions on how to apply for the auditor's certificate.

* In exceptional cases, you will not receive the auditor's certificate in your Business Dashboard. Your branch will then pick up your digital application and send the certificate to you and the auditor.  

Need permission?

The auditor's certificate contains confidential information. The administrator of the KBC Business Dashboard can give a user permission to receive the certificate digitally. If you are an administrator, quickly check whether the desired users have this option.

Manage users now via Business Dashboard
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