From 1 December 2024, you will no longer be able to use the Isabel departmental card to log in to the KBC Business Dashboard.

KBC attaches the utmost importance to the security and reliability of payments and account management. European regulations (PSD2) require customers to clearly identify (authenticate) themselves when using banking applications. Because the departmental card is not linked to one natural person and can be used by several people, it is not possible to identify the user in question.
As a result, you will no longer be able to use the departmental card to log in to the KBC Business Dashboard as from 1 December 2024.
If you only use your departmental card with Isabel 6, nothing will change. You can continue to work with your departmental card just as you do now.

Act now if you use your departmental card to log in to the KBC Business Dashboard.

What needs to be done:

1. Identify who uses the departmental card(s) and for what purpose

2. Optimise your process by deciding who will log in to the Business Dashboard in the future

3. The administrator adds the new user(s)

  • Choose the desired applications
  • Activate the right modules
  • Choose the security method* – KBC Sign for Business or an Isabel card held by a named individual

4. The new user activates the chosen security method in good time

5. The administrator with access to e-Power of Attorney Management assigns the appropriate power(s) of attorney to the new user (if you do not have access to e-Power of Attorney Management, please get in touch with your contact).

Features of the KBC Sign and Isabel SmartCard security methods


KBC Sign for Business

Personalized Isabel card 


Log in and sign in all your KBC applications
Each login is clearly distinct

Log in and sign in your KBC Business Dashboard
One card per login 


Use the KBC Sign app on your smartphone
Scan the QR code on your KBC Business Dashboard to log in

Use the personalized Isabel card plus card reader or IsaKey to log in


Security is built into the app itself, no separate software required

Security software must be installed on your computer

What does it cost (excl VAT)?

Standard price is 10 euros per year.

Included with KBC Business accounts

Starting price of 142 euros per year for access and security
+ 46.63 euros for a personalized Isabel card
+ 60.27 euros for a card reader (the first reader is free) 

Payment by direct debit only

Practical information

Get started with KBC Sign now
Ask the administrator to activate and quickly install the KBC Sign app

The administrator submits a request for the Isabel card and reader – contact our KBC Helpdesk on 016 43 25 16 should you require assistance
(Delivery time approximately two weeks)  

Some tips

  • If you use the departmental card to download electronic account information (CODA/CAMT/XML) from your Business Dashboard and want to maintain the existing numbering for the new user, ask your contact to submit a change request
  •  If you use the departmental card to request certificates and/or billing statements,nyou can ask Kate, your digital assistant in the Business Dashboard, to assist the administrator

Need more information?

If you have questions about the Business Dashboard, ask Kate, or contact our KBC help desk: 016 43 25 18.
For KBC Commercial Banking customers : 016 43 25 23

Do you have questions about Isabel? Then you will definitely find answers on this page.

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