It is no longer possible to use Internet Explorer to log in to the KBC Business Dashboard

Soon you will no longer be able to access the KBC Business Dashboard using Internet Explorer. Microsoft is withdrawing support for the browser, which means it is no longer secure.

If you use an e-Business Card, take appropriate action before 1 October 2021. If you log in another way, switch now to another browser that is supported.

What does this actually mean for you?

Your current login method:

Are you an administrator?

Ensure you activate an alternative login procedure in good time for users who currently use a KBC e-Business Card.

Manage users now via Business Dashboard
  KBC Sign Isabel SmartCard
What is it?

Log in and sign in all your KBC applications. There is a clear distinction per login.

Log in and sign in your KBC Business Dashboard. One card per login.

How does it work? Use the KBC Sign app on your smartphone. Scan the QR code on your KBC Business Dashboard to log in.
Use the Isabel SmartCard and card reader to log in.
Security Security is built in to the app itself. No separate software required.
You need to have the security software installed on your computer.
What does it cost?*

Standard price is EUR 10 per year.
Included in KBC Business accounts.

Minimum of EUR 126 per year for access and security.
+ EUR 41.35 for Isabel SmartCard
+ EUR 53.45 per card reader (first card reader is free of charge)

Always via direct debit.

Practical details

Get going now with KBC Sign. Ask the administrator for activation and install the KBC Sign app.

Request your card and card reader via your KBC contact person.
(Delivery time approximately 2 weeks).

* Price without VAT

Don't have a smartphone to install the KBC Sign or KBC Brussels Sign app? Feel free to check out the offer on the A&M website, no strings attached.

Just enter the code 'kbcsign' as Company ID and you'll be shown the right offer.

KBC is not responsible for information on the A&M website and assumes no liability for this.

Do you need a login method that works for several people?

Isabel SmartCard now offers a ‘Departmental Card’.
Please note, due to changes in the PSD2 legislation, support for this card will be withdrawn soon.

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