UniPartners and KBC Autolease both focus on human capital

Rumst-based UniPartners Consultancy has distinguished itself for almost 25 years as a specialist provider of IT and financial services on a human scale. UniPartners believes convenient, efficient and green mobility is the key to forging long-term relationships with its customers and consultants. KBC Autolease is a reliable partner in achieving that goal.

For almost 25 years, UniPartners has made the difference in consultancy. “We make the difference by continuously investing in the education and coaching of our talents through group training courses, an individual training budget and personal follow-up,” says HR Director An Cuyckens. “By exclusively subcontracting with consultancy organisations, we can always offer a wide variety of projects. Consultants at UniPartners get to choose projects that are closely aligned with their career path and personal interests. This keeps them motivated and energised, resulting in a determined and effective approach. In short, we build long-term relationships with our consultants and customers by consistently focusing on quality, passion and a human-centric approach.”

Mobility policy

This comprehensive vision is also reflected in the company’s mobility policy. “People tend to choose to travel further from home for work that matches their skills and potential. They need to be able to travel to customers in the most convenient, efficient and sustainable way”, says An. “That is why we provide a generous budget with various mobility options from which our consultants can choose the solution best suited to their needs. We firmly believe this helps pave the way for a long-term career path at UniPartners.”
Based on the philosophy of corporate social responsibility, UniPartners aims to keep its carbon footprint to the absolute minimum. “We want to make sure our business operations are as green as possible. One of our first steps was to only allow vehicles with low CO2 emissions. As electric mobility is the future, we are now focusing on the roll-out of electrification. In fact, all of the vehicles we have ordered since early 2023 are fully electric”, says Commercial Director Jorn Schoofs. Since 2021, several UniPartners employees have opted for a lease bike from KBC Bicycle Leasing to cycle to and from work and for private purposes.

Raising awareness

The switch to electric mobility was preceded by an extensive awareness-raising campaign. “We gauged our employees’ mobility needs by assessing the required range, their reasons for reluctance, family situation, which brands are in the upper tiers and how they perceive the benefits of electric driving (low benefit in kind, driving comfort, and so on). We invited them to share their thoughts on these topics based on a number of questions. The demo vehicles were also a great way to discover the joys of electric driving and, gradually, we all embraced the electric revolution. We have scheduled a feedback session to share the experiences gained during this learning journey. KBC Autolease was always ready to advise and support us operationally and strategically along the way”, says An Cuyckens. ”After all, we also needed to know our abilities and boundaries”, Jorn Schoofs notes.

“This information is vital to our switch to electric mobility”, Kris Nelen, Account Manager at KBC Autolease, adds. “Especially at the start of this journey, many questions and issues were raised. And informing our people as accurately as possible is crucial.”


In the area of digitalisation, UniPartners’ human-centric approach again takes centre stage. In order to also dedicate sufficient time to their human capital in this area, the underlying business processes (quotes, orders, follow-up, etc.) around mobility require major simplification/digitalisation. “The free KBC MoveSmart tool allows us to save considerable time. We used to have to regularly perform calculations based on quotes submitted by our consultants. We really functioned as a middleman. The integration of MoveSmart has given as a more controlling function”, states An.
“In addition, the tool allows us to generate reports which can be integrated in our systems”, Jorn adds. The quote, ordering and maintenance process for bicycle leasing and the processing of the wage component, through social-accounting secretariat Partena, are also almost entirely digital thanks to MoveSmart. “Since we now spend less time following up on administrative tasks, UniPartners can focus more on supervising and monitoring its employees. This is a textbook example of a win-win situation”, Jorn concludes.

Positive assessment

The collaboration with KBC Autolease is assessed as positive. “The leasing company has obviously done its homework on this topic and has evolved into an experienced player on the electric mobility market”, An and Jorn conclude.