Insurance and risk arrangement

Driver and cycle with peace of mind

Insurance and risk arrangement

Driver and cycle with peace of mind

Insurance and risk arrangement for your vehicle

Feeling safe in your vehicle is precious. That's why KBC Autolease offers good insurance and a risk arrangement for the vehicle to anyone who likes to be on the safe side. But what is included in this insurance? And does it also apply to trailers and when you’re abroad? We are happy to answer these and many more questions for you.

1. If you have a contract that includes insurance and risk arrangement, KBC Autolease has included insurance and the risk arrangement in your lease in the name of the lessee and on behalf of the lessee.
  • Third-party liability insurance for motor vehicles (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR)
    Covers loss, damage and/or injury suffered by others if you cause an accident for which you are liable. Read a simplified version of the conditions here (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR)).
  • Legal assistance insurance for traffic-related incidents (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR)
    Enables you to recover the cost of any damage to your car from the person liable and provides legal assistance.
    • The policy conditions (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR) applicable for accidents up to and including 30 September 2023. 
    • The policy conditions (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR) applicable for accidents from 1 October 2023. Read a simplified version of the conditions here (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR).
  • Driver’s bodily injury insurance (optional) (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR)
    Reimburses the medical expenses of the driver for bodily injuries sustained in a traffic accident, regardless of whether they are at fault or not.

Special conditions for your insurance: (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR)

Risk arrangement (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR)
KBC Autolease assumes the risks of the car being completely written off and of a partial loss (such as due to theft, own damage, storm damage or glass breakage) according to the conditions of the risk arrangement.


2. Does your contract exclude insurance? Then notify your broker before the start of your lease to be sure that you will be able to take an insured vehicle into service.

The certificate of insurance

That counts as proof of insurance. Make sure you have it with you in the vehicle at all times. Remember to keep a close eye on the date on the certificate of insurance, because if it has expired, you are no longer insured.

Have you lost your certificate of insurance or has it expired? Request a new one using the form on our website.

You can do so with the claims history certificate form.

If your lease vehicle is insured through KBC Autolease, the trailer is covered by the third-party liability insurance, provided that the trailer:

  • Weighs no more than 3.5 tonnes, and
  • Is attached to the car.

If the trailer is not attached to the car or weighs more than 750 kg, you must take out additional insurance.

You can find that information at Driving Abroad.

Luggage or other items in your vehicle are never insured and therefore not covered.

Insurance for your lease bicycle

During your lease term, comprehensive bicycle insurance for your lease bike means you’re covered for damage and theft. See what’s insured in the insurance conditions below.

More information

Like to know more about car or bicycle insurance? Contact KBC Autolease for more details.

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