Insurance and risk arrangement

Driver and cycle with peace of mind

Insurance and risk arrangement

Driver and cycle with peace of mind

Insurance and risk arrangement for your car

Feeling secure in your car is worth its weight in gold. That’s why KBC Autolease offers quality motor insurance and a risk arrangement for full peace of mind. But what is actually included in the insurance? And does it also cover trailers and driving abroad? See below for answers to these and many more questions.

1.  If you have a contract that includes an insurance and risk arrangement, KBC Autolease has taken out the following cover in your name and on your behalf:

  • Third-party liability motor insurance (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR)
    Covers loss, damage or injury suffered by others if you cause an accident for which you are liable.
  • Legal assistance insurance for traffic-related incidents (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR)
    Enables you to recover the cost of any damage to your vehicle from the person liable and provides legal assistance.

  • Driver’s bodily injury insurance (optional) (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR)
    Reimburses the medical expenses of the driver for bodily injuries sustained in a traffic accident, regardless of whether he/she is at fault or not.

  • Risk arrangement (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR)
    KBC Autolease assumes the risks of the car being completely written off and of a partial loss (such as due to theft, your own negligence, storm damage or glass breakage).

  • Special conditions for your insurance (PDF-NL) (PDF-FR)

2.    If your contract doesn’t include insurance, you may need to contact the insurance company that insures your vehicle.  

Apply for a new certificate of insurance using our application form.

  • Coupled trailers: if the lease vehicle is insured through KBC Autolease, a trailer with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of 3.5 tonnes is included in the third party motor insurance cover for the lease vehicle, as long as it is attached to the vehicle. The above insurance only covers damage caused to third parties, not damage caused to the trailer/caravan itself.
  • Uncoupled trailers and trailers with an MAM of over 3.5 tonnes require additional insurance cover. A KBC Insurance agent can help you with this.

Find out more on our travelling abroad page.

Luggage or other items in your vehicle are never insured, so not covered.

Bicycle insurance

During your leasing term, you’re comprehensively insured for damage and theft. See what’s insured in the insurance conditions below.

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