Discover your company's carbon footprint

  • Gain an insight into your company's direct and indirect emissions
  • Compare your company's carbon footprint with your industry peers
  • Use the free application to get your results in just a few steps
Find out how much CO2 your company is emitting

Gain useful insights into your company's carbon footprint

  • The ‘Sustainability’ app in your KBC Business Dashboard helps you calculate your company's CO2 emissions using various parameters:

    A/ Consumption of fossil fuels for transportation (journeys, freight transport, etc.)
    B/ Production of electricity
    C/Emissions from  heating

    This will give you a realistic picture of the amount of greenhouse gases your company emits each year. It shows where your company's direct and indirect CO2 emissions are coming from and where you can make improvements.

  • Using this information, you can then take planned steps towards creating a more sustainable business so as to reduce your emissions. You do this in consultation with your relationship manager and our partners in more sustainable business practices.

Find out how sustainable your business is compared with your industry peers

We compare your company's CO2 emissions with the average across your sector. Your sector is defined by your NACE code as registered in our systems.

We use the most recent sector averages for Belgium as published by the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF).

Your company's emissions are calculated according to the size of your business (per million euros of turnover). This allows you to see how you score compared to the sector average. 

Calculate your company's CO2 emissions for free

Set up an action plan with the option of receiving guidance from one of our partners

Your relationship manager there for you as you take the steps towards becoming a more sustainable business. They will put you in touch with our partners, who are experts in more sustainable business practices.

Our partners work with you to see where the risks and opportunities lie for your business and what actions you can take to optimise your situation. 


  1. Log in to your KBC Business Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap or click Applications
  4. Select the Sustainability app from the list
  5. Then tap or click Get started
  6. Choose Companies, Users and Administrators
  7. Tick the ‘agree’ box and then tap or click Confirm
  1. Go to your KBC Business Dashboard.
  2. Install the ‘Sustainability’ app.
  3. Complete the questionnaire you receive from your relationship manager.
  4. Check your KBC Business Dashboard shortly after for a detailed overview of your carbon footprint and how you score against the sector average.
  5. Your relationship manager will put you in touch with our partners in more sustainable business practices. They will work with you to optimise your company's carbon footprint.

All direct CO2 emissions from your sites due to fuels used for heating, machinery, vehicles and so on. We also include the emissions from your company's various modes of transport. In other words, these are all the greenhouse gases coming out of your own chimneys and exhaust pipes.

Our calculation includes all consumption data from your inventory, such as data on your use of diesel, fuel oil, natural gas and biogas. Coolants are not included in our calculation. 

We use the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-eq) to calculate your carbon footprint. This reflects the warming potential of greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the best known greenhouse gas. It is the ‘reference gas’ against which we compare the emissions of other greenhouse gases.

Based on the inventory data you provide, we also convert your CO2 emissions into various other units that may be of interest to your company, such as tonnes of CO2 per million euros of turnover, per FTE and per finished product.

Only the Administrator of your KBC Business Dashboard can install this application. If you need any further help, feel free to contact your relationship manager or get in touch with us.

Contact your relationship manager or get in touch with us.

Find out how much CO2 your company is emitting