KBC’s sustainability strategy

KBC’s sustainability strategy

Pursuing sustainability is part of KBC's DNA. KBC has been focused on its role in society for many years. We have not waited for regulations to reflect on climate change and develop sustainability policies. We very quickly committed to the Paris climate agreement.

Filip Ferrante, Director of Corporate Sustainability at KBC Group.

We have been focusing on sustainable growth for years. Our sustainability strategy is built around three pillars

1. Limiting any negative impact we might have on society

We take numerous actions to reduce our own environmental footprint. We also apply strict sustainability criteria before granting loans and offering insurance and when selecting companies for inclusion in our investment funds.

2. Enhancing our positive impact on society

We support companies in their sustainability transition by informing them, raising awareness and offering them an appropriate range of products. We also develop solutions for a range of societal problems. For example, we encourage financial literacy, entrepreneurship and environmental responsibility.

3. Encouraging responsible behaviour on the part of all employees

Ethical business practice is at the heart of all KBC's activities. We therefore encourage responsible behaviour by all our employees. As KBC employees, we respect applicable regulations and observe strict rules around ethical conduct, openness, transparency and privacy.

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