New on the KBC Business Dashboard

Our Business Dashboard is the ideal all-in-one platform to help you handle your financial business. We are continually investing in it to make it even more powerful.

At the end of February, we added several new features to your KBC Business Dashboard:

  1. Instant credit transfers only
  2. Manage KBC group insurance
  3. Manage import and export administration
  4. Free up payments on hold

1. Select the instant credit transfers only option

Individual SEPA credit transfers you make from Belgian KBC, KBC Brussels and CBC accounts are processed as close to instantly as possible, 24/7 and at no extra cost. If possible, the payee will receive your transfer in a matter of seconds.

If you want to be 100% sure of this, select the 'instant only' option. We'll then only carry out your transfer if it's possible immediately. If it's not, the transfer will not be carried out and you will receive a notification.

2. Manage your KBC group insurance online

From now on, you can also easily manage group insurance for staff in your KBC Business Dashboard. It's easy to keep your group insurance up to date, so you are always optimally insured.

Here, too, we take account of the required protection of confidential information. By means of a power of attorney, the legal representative determines who as administrator will have access to which group insurance. As administrator, you can easily give users access and assign functions. Discuss this with your HR officer.

3. Easily manage your import and export administration

Soon you will be able to use a fully updated version of Flexims.

Appoint an administrator for KBC Flexims

In the new version, the administrator can easily add users and assign authorisations using the KBC Business Dashboard. The user can then start immediately. It is important, though, that you first appoint an administrator. You can do this in Administration > Applications > KBC Flexims.

New possibilities with templates

Soon, the templates will be available at company level and for all users. Your personal templates will disappear, however, so set aside your important data today. That way, soon you'll easily be able to create new templates at company level.

Better overview, more clout

There are even more important new changes:

  • In the real-time view, you can immediately see what you need to do for which transactions
  • Extensive filter options for your transactions
  • Easily switch between the different companies of your group
  • The Flexims administrator can now also set up that users can only consult data

4. Free up payments on hold

Payment can't go through due to insufficient funds on account? Batched payments queued to be checked (double check or total amount different from the amount stated in a file)? Then, from 24 March, you'll receive an action in your KBC Business Dashboard providing you with an opportunity to solve the problem right away.

Uncheck the payment problem and let your colleagues know that the payment is being sorted.

Want to receive an additional notification in your mailbox? Your Business Dashboard administrator can set this up via Administration > Communication > Notifications.

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