New on the KBC Business Dashboard

Our Business Dashboard is the ideal all-in-one platform to help you handle your financial business. We are continually investing in it to make it even more powerful.

At the end of May, we added several new features to your KBC Business Dashboard that let you:

  • Set the order of your accounts
  • Discover our digital offering
  • See available working capital at a glance
  • View your stock option and warrant plans
  • Free up payments on hold

1. Set the order of your accounts

Benefit from all your great feedback and suggestions with our latest improvements. Check out the easier-to-read screens and home page, plus a new feature enabling users to custom sort accounts.

Use the handy drag-and-drop system to determine the order in which your accounts appear in your Business Dashboard and in the mobile version, KBC Business. Set your own order using the cogwheel on the 'Accounts' widget.

2. Discover our digital offering

Go to ‘Offer’ at the top right to easily set up a tax pre-payment plan.

And you can now request the following things online as well:

  • Financing
  • Stock option and warrant plans
  • New business accounts and cards

3. See available working capital at a glance

See the total of the funds available to you now with our new 'Working capital' widget, which shows you the amounts available and used on your accounts or through short-term loans and advances against invoices. Due consideration is always taken of your personal authorisations.

4. View your stock option and warrant plans

Use the new ‘Employee Benefits’ module to see your current stock option and warrant plans at a glance or apply for and manage new ones online. If you don't have access to the module, contact your branch.

5. Free up payments on hold

Payment can't go through due to insufficient funds on account? Or batched payments queued to be checked (double-check or total amount differs from the amount stated in a file)? You'll now receive notification in your KBC Business Dashboard to do something, meaning the matter can often be resolved right away.

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