Comprehensive bicycle insurance for your lease bike

Insurance and risk arrangement

Learn more about car and bicycle insurance, and take to the road securely and informed.

Directors' and officers' liability insurance

To attract talented officers or directors, it is essential that that they are covered by directors' and officers' liability insurance.

Work-related accidents

Accidents happen and so you should combine compulsory insurance with an effective accident-prevention policy.


Financial markets can be tough or friendly, but above all unpredictable. Hedging avoids those risks.

Car breakdown cover

KBC Autolease cycle rescue

Build a relationship of trust with your trading partner

Discover the different payment techniques and products which will help you with international business.

Payment bond

Commercial transaction at home and abroad? Security is the deciding factor. Find out all you need to know about payment bonds.

Advance payment bond

An advance to boost liquidity for you and certainty for your client with an advance payment bond.

Bid bond

If you are looking for a contractor or looking to take part in a project, a bid bond is ideal.

Performance bond